MEET Shannan Puschmann Goforth
NCIDQ® No: 13222

Shannan approaches her work through the eyes of an artist, but with all the knowledge of an established professional. With a 27-year resume of high profile residential, commercial and motor yacht projects behind her, she continues to be inspired while discovering the opportunities and solving the challenges of the next new environment she designs.

Influenced by a history of family artists and fueled by her imagination, Shannan gravitated to art and design at a very young age. Her grandfather, Williard Birnbryer, was an artist and photographer. Cousin Helmut Puschmann was a mid-century modern architect in Switzerland, and Ron Puschmann, her uncle, designed and built a furniture collection while attending an industrial arts college in Ohio during the 1950s.

Exposing her to travel and culture, Shannan’s parents nurtured her love of art throughout her childhood in Cincinnati.  From constructing Barbie® Dream houses with piles of encyclopedias and record sleeves at age 10 to participating in every art class available during her high school years, Shannan’s innate artistic talent evolved. She drew her first floor plan in third grade, but the A+ her teacher gave her was not fully appreciated until college, where she discovered the three-dimensional canvas of interior design.  She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in visual arts interior design from Florida State University.

In her early career working for commercial architectural firms, Shannan learned the complexities of the construction and detailing processes. This experience led her to a Director of Interior Detailing position at the largest residential interior design firm in the nation. A licensed Florida interior designer, Certified by the National Council on Interior Design Qualification, Shannan has won several industry accolades. Her work has been featured in some of the industry’s top publications, including Architectural Digest, Florida Design, Southern Living, Showboats International and Kitchen & Bath Design News.

Since co-founding YAWN design studio, inc. in 2003 with her husband, designer Bruce M Goforth, the pair brings a cohesive perspective and a complimentary skill set when collaborating with builders, architects and homeowners. It is in this environment that Shannan draws upon her passion for history and her innate ability to quickly conceptualize space, capture a style, and create a meaningful dialogue with her clients.

“It is a privilege to create living and working environments for our clients. Making imagination a reality for them is the best job I could ever have.”